Bicycling through Vermont and Quebec

Unique bicycling programs designed for travelers age 50+!

Enjoy the way cycling was meant to be as you explore the exquisite natural beauty of quaint rural communities, rolling green hills, and the rich heritage of French Canada and Vermont along paved, idle roads. Ride over wooded hills and through charming towns, learn about the natural forces and the human settlement by the rugged colonists and French explorers, and breathe in the clean, crisp air. Experience the culture and delights along the way, as you pedal the unhurried, high-quality biking roads on both sides of the U.S.-Canada frontier.

“Biking in Quebec and Vermont was like stepping back in time, riding through small towns and quaint villages, past covered bridges and intense foliage. The beauty is spectacular. The accommodations in Glen Sutton were equally pleasing with evening wine and friendly conversation. The cooks were amazing and the food delicious without ever feeling overstuffed!”

— Marilyn from Portland, OR

Favorite Experiences biking through Vermont & Quebec:

  • Numerous riding options over quiet, paved rural routes and converted rails-to-trails offer scenic landscapes.
  • Explore historic towns, French cafés, local cheeses and wines, covered bridges and the charm of lovely Vermont and Québec villages.
  • Expert cyclists will provide insight into the history and natural wonders of scenic North Country.