Bicycling Adventures by Road Scholar

Over 45 USA & European Bike Trips for age 50+!

Road Scholar has been leading global adventures for 40 years. Our programs are all-inclusive educational adventures, not superficial tours. When you explore the the world with us, you’ll have a deep, thought-provoking experience delivered by faculty experts on site. Check out our full range of bicycling adventures here

Here are just a few testimonials from our many bicycling adventures…

“If you like variety in program activities that are also active, this may be what you are looking for. Lots of adventures along the way. You will not be bored with Mother Nature on this excursion. She has a lot to offer!”

- Carolyn from Downers Grove, IL

“This program was excellent for anyone who wants to combine physical activity with learning. The other participants were in great shape and this made for an enjoyable experience.”

- Joseph from Woodway, TX

“This trip was challenging and wonderful. I worked hard to prepare for the biking and was thrilled that I could keep up. As always, my perspective on myself and the world was expanded.”

- Bobbie from Central City, CO

“Beautiful scenery, great instructors who put together a program of knowledgeable speakers and great biking. A very memorable experience.”

- Jack from Knoxville, TN