Bicycling Along the Danube River

Unique bicycling programs designed for travelers age 50+!

Centuries ago, “treppelweg,” or towpaths, were laid down along the mighty Danube so that horses could pull barges along the river. This system allowed goods to be transported between the Black Forest and the Black Sea — a 1,777-mile journey. In Germany and Austria, many of these storied paths have today been converted into beautiful bike paths. Follow the “treppelweg” on an unforgettable bike journey that reveals the amazing environments, fascinating folklore and city and village life along the Danube.

“Biking the Danube is a wonderful program. Lectures included information on architecture, art, WWII, the EU countries and economy, customs and holidays, and much more. The biking was relaxing and the countryside beautiful. What a great experience!”

— Moira from Cedar Falls, IA

Favorite Experiences biking along the Danube:

  • Led by experts who know the Danube well, bike along this river on scenic, car-free bike paths.
  • Discover the fascinating history of shipping on the Danube River during a visit to the Schiffahrtsmuseum tucked away in Castle Greinburg.
  • Enjoy an organ concert at St. Stephan’s Cathedral in Passau, home to the largest church organ in the world.